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PhoneLeash Features

Forward SMS, MMS & WhatsApp

Forward SMS, MMS & WhatsApp to GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud … any web-based or desktop email client you can think of!

Email Reply Directly

Reply from email as well! No one can tell you are away from your phone, and replying is as natural as replying to email!

GPS on Shutdown

Sends GPS location as phone battery dies

Missed call notification

Reply from email as well! No one can tell you are away from your phone, and replying is as natural as replying to email!

App Screen Features

Using Second Phone

Forward and reply from a second phone – iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or not even a smartphone!

Lost Phone Locating

Accurate, instant phone locating using GPS and WiFi simultaneously!

Battery Low Notification

Automatic GPS location message when the battery goes low!

NEW! MMS Reply

Reply from email as well! No one can tell you are away from your phone, and replying is as natural as replying to email!

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PhoneLeash is an app for Android phones that forwards your texts to an email address, or a second phone. You can read and even reply from the convenience of your email client on your PC or tablet, or via text from you second phone.

PhoneLeash also let you control and monitor your phone remotely, great if you lose or misplace your phone. Features include getting notified of missed calls, GPS locating lost phones, getting battery status etc.

You’ll be amazed by the convenience of not having to reach for your phone for every text, or not carrying two phones. Give it a try — its free and takes about a minute to setup!

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More than 50,000 Satisfied User's

93 countries || 41 operators

Supports 1300 devices

Over 10 million texts forwarded

Some of our customers reviews

Awesome app, Works great, simple and easy, best on market for now, tried about more than 10. Thank you

Pat Loven

Just what I needed as my phones got bigger and heavier.Now only carry one phone as this app forwards everything without delay. Can even let you know how much battery charge is left.

Judith Whittaker

Life saver At work my personal cell isn't always with me. Now my family can always text or send me pics without a problem. Thank you so much for this app.

Dave Kaye

Flawless sms, mms & phone status forwarder! This app is fantastic! I no longer have to have my personal phone on me at all times anymore. My work phone recieves all the sms, mms and phone status info I need. Thanks!

John Giallanza


Does the phone running PhoneLeash have to be turned on all the time? Can I not install and setup PhoneLeash and then turn the phone off?

PhoneLeash is an app running on your phone, so you absolutely need that phone turned on. If you are forwarding to an email address, you also need the phone to be connected to a 3G or a WiFi connection.

What charges will I incur due to PhoneLeash?

When PhoneLeash forwards messages to email, it uses your 3G data plan or WiFi. When PhoneLeash sends text messages on your behalf, it’s using your texting plan.

Can I forward to virtual numbers such as Google Voice, Heywire, Skype etc?

Yes, you can. As long as the destination receives SMS, PhoneLeash doesn’t care what it is.

How do I initiate a new message from my forwarding destination?

Say you want to send a text to phone number 2223334444. Send this, as you would any command
@2223334444 hello how are you

Can you create a special version of PhoneLeash for me?

We welcome most customization and white-labeling requests for a fee. We don’t create hidden versions intended for spying.

Do I have to donate? How much?

Donations are completely optional. If you do decide to donate, thank you! And you can pick the amount.

Privacy Policy

PhoneLeash collects some data automatically that you should know about.
Upon installation, the phone owner's name and email are used to let them know that PhoneLeash has been installed on their device. This discourages use of PhoneLeash as spyware.
The phone number, cellular operator name and related parameters are also collected for debugging.
What about your SMS and MMS messages? If you are forwarding texts to email, or replying from email, these messages are stored only while in transit. If replies have not been pushed to your phone in 30 minutes, they are permanently deleted (and you get an email).
Your contacts data, messages history, pictures etc are never collected.

Keep in Touch

We love to hear comments and suggestions on all forums, all the time! But Email and Facebook are preferred for support questions. Please don’t ask for support by giving us a poor rating on Play reviews, because there is no way to contact you back, and now everyone is unhappy!