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PhoneLeash does many, many things, but lets start simple, shall we?
Your phone - it gets text messages, right? But maybe you are not always near your phone? Maybe you left the phone in the car, or in the kitchen, or dropped it between the sofa cushions!
Wouldn't it be great if you could get those texts anyway? And even reply to them, as though the phone were still in your hands?
That's what PhoneLeash does. It takes your incoming text messages and sends them to your email address. (Or if you prefer it, to another phone - maybe your friend's phone - as an SMS.)
Simple, right?
Yes, it will forward picture messages (MMS) too! Yes, it will work with GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Comcast, iCloud, your company email, your private domain email -- basically any email.
(Or, instead of email you can forward to another phone. Pretty much any SMS-capable phone will do.)
You reply just as if you were replying to email. PhoneLeash magically turns that email into an outgoing text from your phone. Whoever you are texting with never knows you are using PhoneLeash – the replies are as natural as if you typed them by hand!
(You can reply from a second phone as well. In this case you just have to prefix the command word tls to your reply content, like this:
tls I got your message and this is my reply
tls stands for tolastsender which tells PhoneLeash to send the message to the last sender, or the last person who texted you.)



Where do you want your texts forwarded? Enter it in the top field. This should be an email address or phone number (without spaces). This is called the forwarding destination. Remember this term, we’ll use it a lot.


Enter a password to keep the app secure.

You don’t need to but giving your device a name is helpful if you decide to install PhoneLeash on multiple devices, all forwarding to the same place.

Optionally, if you want to configure what type of messages get forwarded to you, you can do so using the SMS, MMS, Calls & Status buttons. For most people the defaults work fine to experience PhoneLeash for the first time.

Optionally, you can also setup filtering by clicking the Filters button. Note, this doesn’t filter out the calls or the texts itself, only whether PhoneLeash will send notifications related to these numbers. For instance, you may only want for your customers’ texts to go to your email, and not anyone else’s.

Next, click "Click to Start". Ignore any other messages you may see.

And that's it!

Using PhoneLeash commands

A PhoneLeash command is usually a one-word command that you can send to your phone, either via email, or from another phone. An example of a command is locate which tells PhoneLeash to send you the phone’s location.

Where is the response sent, you ask? It’s generally sent to the forwarding destination you entered during setup. But you can have the response go elsewhere (more on this later).

How do you send the command? You send commands (generally) from your forwarding destination. If your forwarding destination is an email address, you’d send commands to this email address

You can (generally) leave the subject line blank, and enter the command in the message body. That’s it! [TBD – screenshot showing email with command]

If your forwarding destination is a phone number, then its even simpler, just send a text with the command word to the phone running PhoneLeash. [TBD – screenshot showing text with command]

Responses look like this. [TBD – screenshot showing response to email] [TBD – screenshot showing response to phone]

If you have to command your phone but not from your forwarding destination (maybe using a borrowed laptop or phone) you must include the PhoneLeash password next to the command. You entered this password during setup. So now the command would look like this, if mysecret is the password.

locate mysecret
Remember, this password is not hidden to whoever normally uses the email account or phone. Use only someone you trust, and change the password as soon as you can. Remember the response from PhoneLeash will still be sent to your forwarding destination (which in this case you are apparently unable to access). So we need a way to direct the response elsewhere. Here is how you’d do that.

Response to phone number 2223334444: @2223334444 locate mysecret
Response to email address locate mysecret

PhoneLeash - commands

Here are the commands PhoneLeash supports. Capital or small letters don’t matter (case insensitive)

locate – returns the device location using GPS, WiFi and cell triangulation

ring – rings the device at full volume for a minute (even if the device was in vibrate)

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